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Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package From Kolkata

2 Locations: Kolkata & Sundarban

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  • 3 days
    2 nights
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    9,000.00 /per person

About Our House Boat Package Tour

Sundarban houseboat tour is an exclusive and thrilling Sundarban Houseboat tour packages where travellers can choose to stay at the houseboat overnight. Our houseboats are equipped with all the basic amenities that you would require for a comfortable stay.

We here at Tourist Hub India are offering 2 nights 3 days Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package From Kolkata at the most affordable price. Our fully equipped houseboat will be anchored in the middle of the river at night for safety and adhering to the forest laws/rules.

Our Sundarban Houseboat package tour can be personalized to match the itinerary of our clients. From door-to-door pickup and drop service to a luxury houseboat, we are providing all kinds of customizable Sundarban houseboat trip packages to fit your travel plan and budget.

Best Time to Book Sundarban Houseboat Tour

October to March is the best time to book a Sundarban Houseboat trip. The winter of Sundarban makes the heat bearable. Not only because of the pleasant weather, during the winters, the wild animals come out of the dense forest to soak under the sun, increasing your chances of capturing some amazing wildlife photographs.
Summer in Sundarban can be unbearable and if you hire a non-ac boat, you will get exhausted twice faster eventually ruining your entire trip. April to June is the peak summer season in Sundarban and not the best time to book your Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour.
Rainy season in Sundarban starts from July to September. Occasion drizzles to thunderstorms, weather can get rough in Sundarban during this season making the boat safari a riky affair. But, right after the rainy season, the place thrives with life.

sundarban jungle safari

Sundarban Houseboat Tour Itinerary

The trip starts from Godkhali ferry ghat, which would be our base point. To reach Godkhali, you either need to hire a Tuk Tuk or board a bus from Canning. Here is how we have planned the rest of the trip.

As always, your Sundarban houseboat tour will commence from Godkhali Island. You will be picked up from your choice of location at 8 AM. Around 11.30, you will reach Godkhali where our houseboat will be waiting for your arrival.Right after your boarding, you will be served your choice of refreshment and your Sundarban houseboat Package tour from Kolkata starts from here.

Cruising through the narrow creeks, you will reach Sajnekhali around 1.30 PM after which we will be travelling to the Sudhanyakhali watch tower. After your Sudhyanakhali stop, we will be cruising towards Pakhiralaya and spot some incredible birds.

It is an excellent spot for photographers and bird enthusiasts to spot some of the most incredible native and migratory birds of Sundarban. As the sun slowly comes down, we will be sailing to the middle of the river where we will anchor for the night.

Now you are in the middle of a river, under a pitch black sky, surrounded by the mangroves of Sundarban. As the night arrives, the jungle comes alive. You can hear the owls hooting, the monkeys screeching, and the Royal Bengal Tiger roaring from a distance with its voice shadowing the jungle.

All meals and snacks will be served on-board, en route.

Mangrove Tiger

  • Stay at Houseboat
  • Trip time: 8am - 4.30pm

Welcome Drinks
Breakfast - Hing Kachuri/Puri, Chana Masala, Banana, Sweet, Tea/Coffee
Lunch At Boat/Resort - Rice,Dal,Bhaja, 1 Veg Curry, 1non.Veg Dish(Vetkey Mashallah/Paturi), Salad,Chutney,Papad.
Evening Snacks - Veg Pakora / Chowmin, Tea/Coffee
Dinner - Rice/Roti,Dal Fry,1 Veg. Dish , 1 Non.Veg Dish(Chicken),Salad, Papad,Dessert

Mornings are the best time to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. The earlier the better as that is when most of the animals come to the river to drink water. You will be served hot coffee/tea for a kickstart to your day full of adventure.

On the second day of the Sundarban House tour, your first visit will be to the Dobanki watchtower. A famous watchtower of Sundarban for spotting Royal Bengal tigers and other wild animals.

We will spend the rest of the day cruising through the jungles of Sundarbans. Some of the creeks will be narrow like a bottleneck where only one boat can pass at a time. It is an enthralling experience that words cannot express.

The animals of Sundarban have adapted themselves to camouflage among the bare roots of the Sundarban Mangrove. Stay alerts and don’t move your eyes away from the jungle. After a 2-hours cruise, we will move towards the Dobanki watchtower. There you can experience a panoramic view of the jungle and an almost-500 meters canopy walk.

From Dobanki, we will start cruising again. We will be covering numerous islands like pirkhali, Panchmukhani, Gazikhali, ChoraGazikhali, and the 5-rivers junction, also known as Panchmukhi. Depending on time and tide, Jharkhali watchtower is a part of our Sundarban houseboat Pacakage tour itinerary.

At the end of the day, we will sail to Pakhiralaya and anchor for the night.

Special arrangements, such as BBQ, cultural activities, local performers, can be arranged on request which are also subjected to availability. To avoid heartbreaks, let us know about any such plans while you book your Sundarban houseboat tour package so we can try our best and make it happen.

Sundarban Mangrove Forest

  • Stay at Resort/Hotel
  • Trip time: 8am - 4.30pm

Breakfast - Luchi, Cholar Dal, Boiled Egg, Sweets, Tea/Coffee
Lunch - Rice,Dal,Bhaja, 1 Veg Curry, 1non(Chingri Malaikari), Salad, Chutney,Papad
Evening Snacks - Chicken Pakora , (Veg Pakora For Vegetarians) Tea/Coffee
Dinner - Rice/Roti,Dal Fry,1 Veg. Dish , 1 Non.Veg Dish(Chicken),Salad, Papad,Dessert.

The last day of your Sundarban Houseboat Package tour should be spent among the villagers of Sundarban. They have the best stories to share about Sundarban. They survive with nature, along with wilderness.

Your houseboat will be anchored at Dayapur village where you can visit the local shops to collect souvenirs and pure jungle honey from the Mawali/Moulay, also known as Honey Collectors of Sundarban.

Get back on the boat by noon as we start to sail again towa rds our destination, Godkhali. We will reach Godkhali around 4:30 where our A/C car will be waiting for your journey back to Kolkata. You will be dropped at your choice of location, if it falls on our route.

For special arrangements, such as door-to-door pick up and drop service, or drop outside Kolkata, requests need to be made during the point of booking your Sundarban houseboat tour package.

Sundarban Dobaki Island

  • Homecoming: 4 P.M.

  • Scnacks will be given in the Late Afternoon.
  • Arrival at Godkhali at 4.30 P.M., hence commencement of Sundarban Houseboat Luxury tour with lovely memories and pictures of the wild and the happy times.

Breakfast - Luchi, Alu Sabji, Boiled Egg, Sweets, Tea /Coffee
Lunch - Lunch: Fried Rice ,Chilly Chicken, (Chilli Paneer For Vegetarians), Salad,(Packed With Napkin And Spoon).

sundarban royal bengal tiger

What is Special About Sundarban Houseboat Tour from Kolkata?

Sundarbans is a delta formation with a cumulation of 100 islands out of which 52 has been marked as a jungle area. All the islands are separated by creeks. The narrow creeks fill up with water during high tide and dries down to its bone during low tides.

As a result, marine vehicles are the only option available to move around the islands. Locals use basic mechanical country boats which are useful for covering short distances. For tourists, there are semi-luxury and luxury houseboats available.

During daylight, tourists can cruise through the backwaters of Sundarban visiting the best spots and enjoy all the amenities available on board

The houseboats are equipped with bunk beds, kitchen, lounge area at the top and toilets at the lower decks. You can hire our highly trained cooks and enjoy delicacies while enjoying every moment of your Sundarban houseboat tour.

Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour Inclusion

  • Accommodation in individual rooms/cottages as per the booking.
  • All Meals- Breakfast (3 times), Lunch (4 times), Dinner (3 times).
  • Evening tea and Snacks (Veg and Non Veg).
  • Evening cultural program .
  • Boat For Jungle Safari.
  • All necessary entry fees.
  • Pickup and Drop from Kolkata.

Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour Exclusion

  • Things are not mentioned under Inclusions herein above.
  • Audio system, Projector.
  • All Porter charges, Camera Charges.
  • Any extra service consumed by the guest. (payable directly).

Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package Price

The cost of your Sundarban houseboat packages will be set by you, we will make the arrangement. The sundarban houseboat tour cost is subjected to what you are availing. The most common factors that affects your Sundarban Houseboat tour package price are:

  • Choice of stay: Semi-luxury or luxury houseboat
  • Iterninary
  • Trip Duration, Number of Travellers
  • Choice of Transport facilities
  • Extra Activities

Our Sunarban Houseboat And Rooms

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  • Houseboat
  • Houseboat Rooms
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houseboat room
houseboat room
houseboat room
houseboat room
houseboat room
houseboat room
houseboat room

Why Do You Choose Sundarban Houseboat Tour With Tourist Hub?

More than words, we let our service speak for us. As a Sundarban tourand travel agency in Kolkata, we have provided our esteemed clienteles with an unmatched Sundarban houseboat tour cost. We believe in the utmost customer satisfaction which is why we have a flexible and tailor made packages to sundarban “Safety and Comfort” is the foundation of Tourist Hub which has helped us two thrive in this competitive travel business. As a part of our amazing Sundarban Houseboat Package tour, we provide:

  • The best Houseboat facilities.
  • Delicious healthy breakfast
  • Complete tour management.
  • Custom Sightseeing and 100% pocket friendly Sundarban Houseboat luxury Trip.

sundarban sudhaannya khali island

Amenities Available With Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package

Our Sundarban Houseboat package comes with all the basic amenities that you would require to make your Sundarban houseboat tour adventurous without compromising safety. All our houseboats are equipped with first aid kits, life jackets, a fully functional kitchen, basic cutlery and utensil modern toilets, bunk beds with mattress, bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. AC houseboats are available on request.

We also provide purified drinking waters, and cooking arrangements. Now coming to the ration, it will be done according to your preference and type of stay. Regardless, you will need to buy whatever you need from the local market before the journey starts.

There you will get dry rations along with perishable items such as meat and fish. You can even carry a little extra live poultry and fish if you are planning for an extended Sundarban houseboat trip. We will be providing a local cook on-board who will be accompanying you for the entire trip. From delicious seafood delicacies to complete veg cuisine, they can cook anything.

Distanc and Time to reach from Kolkata to Sundarban

From To Road Distance Tentative Time
Sealdah Station Sundarban 105 KM 3 hr 30 min
Kolkata Airport Sundarban 110 KM 3 hr 50 min
Howrah Station Sundarban 125 kM 4 hr 10 min
Tollygange Sundarban 102 KM 3 hr 25 min
Jadavpur Sundarban 108 kM 3 hr 20 min
DumDum Sundarban 119 km 4 hr 20 min

What Are The Things To Carry for Your Sundarban Houseboat Tour?

  • passport is mandatory for Foreign travelers with valid Indian Visa.
  • photo ID proof with two photo copy is mendatory for the trip.
  • Bring woolen clothes specialy for the trip in winter
  • Carry mobile charger, power bank, extra battery
  • No ATM facility available in Sundarban. You can get it in Canning Town.
  • Keep adequate amount cash for your own expenses if required.
  • basic medicines for fever, cough, cold, stomach upset for your own safety

Places To Visit in your Sundarban Houseboat package tour?

In our Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour, we have included all the exclusive corners of Sundarban that will make your Sundarban houseboat package tour worth it. Some of the places that we have included in our Sundarban Packages are:

  • Sundarban National Park : Sundarban National Park is one of the primary attractions of the Sundarban houseboat tour package. It serves as a Tiger reserve and biosphere reserve. Apart from the Royal Bengal Tiger, it also homes to numerous endangered species such as estuarine crocodiles as well as the famous endangered endemic waterbody terrapin (Batagur baska).
  • Dobanki Watchtower : Dobanki Watchtower is one of the most preferred spots in Sundarban Houseboat package tour from Kolkata for spotting the majestic felines. It is a part of the Dobanki camp located inside the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve.
  • Sundarban Tiger Reserve : Lying adjacent to Bangladesh's Sundarban Reserve Forest, the Sundarban Tiger Reserve is the primary attraction of the Sundarban Houseboat tour. It is one out of the first nine tiger reserves that was incepted during the 1973 Project Tiger scheme.
  • NetiDhopani Tower : Neti Dhopani is at a 4 hours distance from Sajnekhali. The NetiDhopani tower is a famous watch tower of Sundarban. The tower can accommodate up to 20 people at a time.
  • Sajnekhali Watchtower : Situated amidst the lush green of the Sundarban forest, adjacent to the river junction, Gamudi and Malta. It is a heaven for birdwatching and nature admirers.
  • Jhingamari Watchtower : Jhingamari is one of the hidden gems of Sundarban. The Jhingamari watch tower is located at Basirhat range of Sundarban. Being a least visited place, you can still enjoy the rural folk vibe of Sundarban at Jhingamari watch tower.
  • Sudhanyakhali Watchtower : At a distance of 43 km from Canning lies the ideal spot for nature lovers. To reach Sudhanyakhali, you will need to travel through the narrow creeks of Gajikhali forest Island, Sarakhkhali and Sudhanokhali rivers, and Pirkhali.
  • Bonnie Camp Watchtower : Bonnie Camp watchtower is a 50ft high watchtower located inside Bonnie Camp. It is the highest watchtower in Sundarban. Near to it is a pond, which is a favourite drinking spot for the local wildlife.
  • Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park : The Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park is the one and only crocodile park in West Bengal. It is an exclusive spots among the best places to visit in Sundarban.
  • Jharkhali : Jharkhali is one of the villages of Sundarban that falls under the jurisdiction of Basanti police station. It homes to a tiger rescue center where the canines that ventured into human habitat are kept till being released in the wild again.
  • Burir Dabri : The walk to the Burir Dabri watchtower is enthralling. You will drive through a cage made of mangrove forest. The mangrove cage trail will lead you to the infamous Raimongal View Point.

sundarban tiger

What Are Things To Avoid in Your Sundarban House Boat Tour Packages?

  • Don't throw plastics or Garbage in the river during the Trip.
  • Sound system or loud speakers are not allowed in Sundarban Houseboat jungle safari.
  • Pets are not allow in your Sundarban trip.
  • Wild animals Feeding is strictly prohibited in Sundarban.
  • Wideography through drone is not allowed in Sundarban.
  • Without valid permit you are not allow to enter Sunderban jungle safari
  • Liquor or Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

COVID 19 Precautions During Sundarban Housboat Tour From Kolkata

  • We will provide Face Mask & Sanitizer for all tourists in the tour..
  • Sanitization process maintained by our trained staff before check in and check out.
  • Maintain daily basis sanitization for our boat.
  • Sanitizer is also available in every room and restaurant.
  • Transportation vehicle is also fully sanitized by our own staff.

What Are Our Different Tour Packages of Sundarban?

1 Night 2 Days Sundarban Tour
1N/2d Sundarban Tour

A Memorable Weekend At Sundarban.

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 Sundarban Tour Package
Sundarban Tour Package

Live Thrilling and Adventure Nights At Sundarban.

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Sundarban Photography Tour
Photography Tour

Wild Life Photography Experience At Sundarban.

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2n3d Sundarban Tour
2n/3d Sundarban Tour

A Memorable Weekend At Sundarban.

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Sundarban Day Tour
Sundarban Day Tour

Live Thrilling and Adventure Nights At Sundarban.

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Private Tour
Our Other Packages

Tourist Hub India Hot Packages

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You must always plan your Sundarban trip with the Tour & travel operator in Kolkata. We can help you to design an itinerary that suits your needs perfectly.

Depending on how you are planning your Sundarban trip with the Tour & travel operator in Kolkata, your Sundarban trip duration can range between 2 nights to 4 nights.

You will embark on your journey to Sundarban from Kolkata. The nearest airport to Sundarban is the Netaji Subhash International Airport, which is 112 KM away from the destination.

By Rail: Sundarban is linked to Kolkata via rail and road. You can either board a local train from Sealdah to Canning. From Canning, you can take a bus or tuk-tuk to Godkhali, the gathering point.

By Road: If you are travelling by bus, you will need to drive to Godkhali via Baruipur-Canning highway. If you are travelling by bus, you can board a bus from Dharmatala, Kolkata to Godkhali. Kolkata to Sundarban bus fare will cost you between INR 55 to INR 150.
Sundarban is located around 130 kms away from Kolkata.

Sunderban derived its name from the mangrove plant, Sundari, scientific name, Heritiera Minor. One of the best parts of the Sundarban Houseboat tour package is traversing through the rural villages where you can learn the culture and lifestyle of the natives of Sundarban tourism. Endless folktales and folklores surround the majestic jungle Which is a part of the trip to Sundarban from kolkata. The location is rich with flora and fauna but be aware of the predators lurking through the bare roots, or swimming through the shallow coastal saline and brackish water. Come with us and visit various Sundarbans tourist spots in a whole new way. Our tour packages is not business but travel- centric.

Yes, you can visit by car. It has a well accessible and well maintained road that connects Kolkata to Sunderban by road. The total distance from Kolkata to Sundarban is around 102 KM. If you want to know how much time it takes to reach Sundarban from Kolkata, well, it takes 4 hours. If you go by car, you will need to park your car at Godkhali ferry ghat from where you need to board a boat or lauch to reach Sundarban. There is shaded car parking at Godkhali available where you can park your car while you enjoy the most out of our tour package. The approximate parking cost would be Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 per hour which we can arrange for our guests.

Yes, Sunderban is completely safe for tourists. It is one of the most popular places to visit near Kolkata for which the government keeps the place well maintained and completely safe for tourists. Not only Indians, Sundarban is safe for foreigners as well. With our trip, you will get a local guide who is well versed with the place and will help to make your Sundarban houseboat tour a remarkable experience. The best time to visit Sundarban is between October to March or till early April as it is when the weather of Sundarban is most pleasant.

No, there is no ATM facility available at Sunderbans but it is advised to carry cash. Moreover, if you want to shop some local products from the shops near Sundarban. An ATM is available near the canning market which may not be possible every time to use for the tourist. All the expenses are generally included while booking your Sundarban houseboat packages with Tourist Hub India, so you can book your tour package using card, netbanking, or UPI.

No, wifi facilities are not available at Dayapur,Sunderbans. As it is a remote place you may not be able to get cellular networks all the time in Sundarban. Approximate two hours journey from Godhkali toward Dayapur island you will face network issues which every tourist is facing during the trip.

Sundarban Houseboat Reviews

  • image
    Shanti Mondal
    Jan 8, 2021

    A wonderful experience with Tourist Hub India. It makes you feel at home. Such a nice experience with fabulous food sightseeings organised by our tour guide suman da. Thanks for the trip and recomendation forward to take more people for Sundarban with these people.

  • image
    Ruby Ghosh
    Dec 18, 2020

    It was great trip and time spent in sundarban in houseboat. The staff were very friendly and cooperative. The houseboat was maintained well and the food was very delicious.

  • image
    Soumen Banerjee
    Jan 01, 2021

    We recently had a great trip with Sundarban with Tourist Hub India. Houseboat was maintained very well and the food was delicious. All the arrangements in Houseboat were fantastic. The cultural program was nice too. recomendation for all for sundarban trip with them. thanks again.

  • sundarban houseboat package tour
    Parag Ranjan Sarkar
    Dec 25, 2020

    we had a great trip with Tourist Hub India, All arrangements in house was perfect and staffs are very much cooperative, thanks Mr. Suman Ghosh the cordinator for this trip.

  • image
    Sneha Sarkar
    Jan 15, 2021

    The Overall the tour is experience is very good and they kept their promise and the reception were excellent. It was a nice houseboat and all the arrangements ,Foods in the houseboat are excellent. Its my recomendation for all to avail their service at sundarban. .